Image credit: Kiso Yoshinaka on horseback from the series â36 Immortals of Braveryâ by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Oriental Museum, Durham

The Origins of Manga

10 May - 31 Oct 14

This series of works, in the new permanent gallery of Japan, traces the tradition of pictorial storytelling in Japan from hand scrolls to anime cels (a transparent sheet on which objects are drawn or painted on, for traditional, hand-drawn animation) via woodblock prints and manga.
This summer it will include work by Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Hiroshige and Hokusai.

Paid entry – see website for more details

Oriental Museum, Elvet Hill, Durham, DH1 3TH
Open: Mon - Fri, 10am - 5pm Sat - Sun, 12pm - 4pm
Bank Holidays, 12pm - 4pm

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