Maggie Walker

Stevie Ronnie

Louise Bradley, 'euphorbia' (detail), screenprint

Theresa Easton

Outside Ink

2-10 Aug 14

An exhibition at 36 Lime Street Gallery focusing on the work of four artists in response to Ouseburn showing in the gallery and at multiple venues around the valley.

Theresa Easton and the Ouseburn Community Project use household bricks, recycled dress patterns and folded books to reference the Ouseburn Valley’s unique identity. Working with local residents in the inspiring environment of the Ouseburn Farm, the Ouseburn Community Project has unearthed stories of expeditions into the Ouseburn culvert, vanishing street names and the rules & regulations imposed on workers in the industrial valley. Stevie Ronnie is working with Ouseburn-based vintage clothing store Small Change to make a new piece of work that plays with poetry and print. Maggie Walker’s ceramic pieces are the result of a convergence of interests: a reflection on how printmaking techniques might transfer on to clay. Mark-making used in dry point and the images created making collotypes inspired the surface decoration on this moulded white earthenware, which was then slip decorated at the Ouseburn Pottery, for use at Ernest Café-Bar. Also showing Louise Bradley’s linear and colourful screenprinted responses to the Ouseburn Valley’s weeds, a visual response to plants flowering in the first few months of the year on road and path verges and waste ground.


Exhibition is open on Saturdays and Sundays, 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 10th August 12pm to 4pm or by appointment.



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