First Snow
92 x 102 cm

Georges Wenger

Georges Wenger (b. 1947, Zurich, Switzerland) studied Typography and Graphic Design, Zurich School of Design, Switzerland (1964- 1968). Recent exhibitions include: Architectural art and installations, Varanasi, India (2015); Artist in residence, Kunstverein Kehdingenm Freiburg, Germany (2012); major retrospective of works from 1974 to 2009, Design Furniture Store Rosch, Ohringen, Switzerland (2009) and many group and solo exhibitions in Europe, USA, South America and Japan. Lives and works in [TBC]

With the series Erster Schnee or First Snow, Wenger has focused on the unpredictable and changeable phenomenon of nature. Using the momentary ‘glance’ of photography and the focused act of linocutting the work explores perceived and measured time. These moments of intense focus on images from the external world are distilled into fragmentary impressions of nature. The artist responds to his experiences as subjects for his work and these are just one moment or subject amongst an infinite number of possibilities. Each print is one moment in a seemingly endless succession of moments. Wenger says, “it is always the interplay between doing and thinking, craft and spirit.”


You can see Georges Wenger's work at Vane

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